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Development of High Quality Stainless Steel for Electronic Products in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-20      Origin: Site

Development of High Quality Stainless Steel for Electronic Products in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co

After years of research and development, Jiuquan Steel has developed high-end stainless steel for electronic products. So far, "Jiugang Made" can be branded on high-end mobile phones, reflecting fashion and famous brands.

In today's fast-paced life, electronic products with high facial value, good touch and good signal are more and more popular with consumers. Based on the actual demand, Jiugang decided to "eat crabs first", concentrating its superior strength on tackling technical problems such as purity and permeability one by one. It took the lead in developing ultra-pure anti-electromagnetic shielding austenitic stainless steel for high-end electronic products in China, which was successfully applied in the manufacture of well-known mobile phones and became the designated domestic supplier of International high-end mobile phone manufacturers.

In November 2016, after the international high-end mobile phone manufacturer technical team visited Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and established a preliminary cooperation intention, Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. set up a research and development team, technicians searched for standards and documents, and inspected and analyzed ordinary 316L stainless steel. According to the performance indicators proposed by the manufacturer, the main focus is on purity and permeability of molten steel, aiming to seize the opportunity and win trust.

After defining the idea of research and development, technicians analyze the main factors affecting the residual ferrite content and find out the suitable composition and distribution ratio of new austenitic stainless steel; study the smelting process of pure steel to reduce the number and size of non-metallic inclusions; optimize the hot working process to avoid micro-cracks and peeling defects of high alloy content austenitic stainless steel in the process of heating and hot rolling; Optimize the temperature curve of hot-wire solid solution treatment, control the grain size, and obtain good plastic toughness index. The work hardening curve of this kind of steel can be obtained through experiments to better control the hardening hardness index.

From technical preparation to order delivery, in only 2 months, the first 100 tons of ultra-pure anti-electronic shielding austenitic stainless steel developed and produced by Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co. reached the customer's hands smoothly. The test results show that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the product meet the requirements of American Standard, and the permeability, inclusion control level and forming performance meet the requirements of the industry. After a small trial production, Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co. has been promoted as a qualified supplier of international high-end mobile phone manufacturers.

The R&D team made further efforts to form the process control points of ultra-pure anti-electronic shielding austenitic stainless steelproduction, as well as the key technologies of smelting, hot rolling, annealing, pickling, cold work hardening and other processes, and realized the mass industrial production.

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