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  • Stainless Steel Triangle Wire for Mesh Screen Filter Tube


    Triangle steel bar, Triangle steel wire, material to make mesh screen filter tubes, stainless steel profiles Read More

  • How to polish stainless steel flat bar


    Do you have a need for polishing stainless steel flat bar? Maybe you need us to tell you about the ways to polish the stainless steel flat bar you are going to use.You can also use this polish on your stainless steel round bar and stainless steel triangle bar. list:Why do you want to polish the stai Read More

  • How is stainless steel round bar made


    Stainless steel round bar refers to solid long steel with circular cross section. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of diameter. For example, "50" means stainless steel round bar with a diameter of 50 millimeters. Common materials are 301, 304, 303, 316, 316L, 304L, 321, 2520, 201, 202 Read More

  • how to polish stainless steel flat bar


    The common polishing methods of stainless steel flat bar can be divided into the following types:1. Mechanical polishingIts advantage is that the flatness and brightness of the processed stainless steel flat steel are good. Its defect is that the labor intensity is high, the pollution is serious, an Read More

  • Application of duplex stainless steel


    Duplex stainless steel has the advantages of both ferritic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel by correctly controlling chemical composition and heat treatment process due to the characteristics of two-phase structure of bidirectional stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel reduces the brittleness and crystal growth tendency of high Cr voxel steel due to the presence of austenite, while maintaining its excellent toughness and weldability. The existence of ferrite improves the yield strength, intergranular corrosion resistance and chloride stress corrosion resistance of austenite. Read More

  • Precipitation hardening stainless steel


    Precipitation hardening stainless steel refers to a kind of high strength stainless steel, PH steel, which adds different types and quantities of strengthening elements on the basis of the chemical composition of stainless steel and precipitates different types and quantities of carbides, nitrides, Read More

  • Classification of Stainless Steel


    Classification of Stainless SteelThere are many classifications of stainless steel in the world, and the criteria for distinguishing stainless steel from other parts are complicated, but they are generally classified according to metallographic structure, chemical composition, performance characteri Read More

  • Development of High Quality Stainless Steel for Electronic Products in Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co


    After years of research and development, Jiuquan Steel has developed high-end stainless steel for electronic products. So far, "Jiugang Made" can be branded on high-end mobile phones, reflecting fashion and famous brands.In today's fast-paced life, electronic products with high facial value, good to Read More

  • Introduction and Application of Stainless Steel Flat Wire


    Flat wire, also known as stainless steel flat wire, flattened wire, flat angle wire or ultra-narrow strip, refers to the cross-section approximate circular rectangular anisotropic wire, the width is generally less than 5 mm. Its width-thickness ratio varies from 2:1 to 50:1. Because flat filaments a Read More

  • What is steel profiles


    Steel profile is the abbreviation of complex and profiled section steel. It belongs to one kind of profiled steel and is different from simple section steel. According to the different technology, it can be divided into hot rolled steel profile, cold drawn (cold drawing) steel profile, cold bended s Read More

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