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What is steel profiles

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What is steel profiles

Steel profile is the abbreviation of complex and profiled section steel. It belongs to one kind of profiled steel and is different from simple section steel. According to the different technology, it can be divided into hot rolled steel profile, cold drawing steel profile, cold bended steel profile, welded steel profile and so on. Usually steel profile refers to hot rolled steel profile. Hot rolled profiles are distinguish square, round, flat and common shapes.

Steel profile is one of the four major types of steel (profiles, wires, plates, pipes), and it is a widely used steel. According to the section shape, the section steel can be divided into simple section steel and complex or special section steel (special section steel). The former is characterized by the fact that the tangent line made at any point on the circumference of the cross-section does not generally intersect in the cross-section. Such as: square steel, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hexagonal steel, etc. Common profiles are hot-rolled window frame steel, plough steel, hot-rolled profiles for automobile wheel ring, hot-rolled profiles for caterpillar plate, hot-rolled profiles for automobile wheel rim, rail, ball flat steel for shipbuilding, cable plate steel, scraper steel, etc.

Because of the particularity and simplicity of profiled steel, the requirement of precision is higher than that of simple section profiled steel, which requires higher capability of equipment. Because of its complex cross-section shape, especially the special section steel for many special occasions, and even very little experience can be used for reference, the difficulty of pass design and production is much higher than that of simple cross-section section steel. Therefore, the production cost of profiled steel is higher than that of simple section steel. Because the shape and size of profiled steel are very different, many of them are specially used in a certain industry or specific occasion, so the market demand of a single variety is often not very large. So the scale of special-shaped steel production system is often not very large.

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