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how to polish stainless steel flat bar

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how to polish stainless steel flat bar

The common polishing methods of stainless steel flat bar can be divided into the following types:

1. Mechanical polishing

Its advantage is that the flatness and brightness of the processed stainless steel flat steel are good. Its defect is that the labor intensity is high, the pollution is serious, and the gloss can not be consistent, the gloss maintenance time is not long, easy to rust.

Mechanical polishing is a polishing method to get a smooth surface by cutting and removing the convex part of the polished material by plastic deformation. Generally, it uses oilstone, wool wheel, grinding paper and so on. It is mainly manual operation. The polishing method with high surface quality requirements can be adopted by ultra-precision polishing. Ultra-precision polishing is a special abrasive tool. In the polishing fluid containing abrasives, the workpiece is pressed tightly on the surface of the workpiece, and the workpiece is rotated at high speed. The surface roughness of Ra 0.008 um can be achieved by this technology, which is the best polishing method.

2. Chemical polishing

Its advantages are less investment in processing equipment, fast speed, high efficiency and good corrosion resistance. Its defect is poor brightness, gas overflow, need ventilation equipment, heating difficult. Suitable for processing stainless steel flat steel with low surface requirements.

Chemical polishing is to make the protruding part of stainless steel dissolve preferentially in the chemical medium than the concave part, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The important advantage of this method is that it can polish many stainless steel flat steel at the same time without complicated equipment and has high efficiency. The key problem of chemical polishing is the preparation of polishing fluid. The roughness of the surface obtained by chemical polishing is generally 10 um.

3. Electropolishing

Its advantages are that the mirror gloss of stainless steel flat bar can be maintained for a long time, the process is stable, less pollution, low cost and good corrosion resistance. The defect is that it is polluted heavily, processing equipment has a large one-time investment, and large-scale production still needs cooling equipment. Suitable for batch production, mainly used for processing stainless steel flat steel with high surface requirements, tolerance requirements, stable processing technology, relatively simple operation. The principle of electrolytic polishing is similar to that of chemical polishing, i.e. by dissolving the small protruding part of the material to make the surface smooth. Compared with chemical polishing, the effect of cathode reflection can be eliminated and the effect is better.

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